After graduation I enjoyed working for an advertising agency in Cincinnati. Eventually, wanderlust got the better of me and I missed snow and skiing.  Boulder, Colorado and the famous fluffy snow of the Rockies called me.  I worked in the banking business to help pay for my skiing adventures.  Another dream of mine was to work at a Colorado ski resort or become a Canoeing tour guide in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and deep into Quetico of Canada.

Now, I am able to fulfill the dream of an outdoor adventure. My move to Portland in 2007 has enabled me to work in the best "office", wine country!  Wine research and tasting is a part of life here in Oregon. The beauty of our stunning wine country in the Willamette Valley is breathtaking and world class. My purpose and WHY are clear, when others are having fun and relaxing so am I.  Coordinating tours and driving wine lovers is my pleasure, my dream, and my perfect job.  

About John

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Hi, my name is John Luhta, Minnesota born and raised until 17 years of age. Looking back at the culture of the Twin Cities I would have loved a few more years there as an adult.  My customer service skills and home town charm were certainly born and bred in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  As the saying goes there is nice and then there is “Minnesota nice”.  From Minnesota I took my hockey skates and stick to Cincinnati, Ohio where my Midwestern parents decided to relocate. I attended Bowling Green State University where I graduated with a degree in Photography and Communications.  My dream was to become a National Geographic photographer.  However life can take you on different paths.